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Publisher Details Children's Literacy Event
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SCIBA Children's Literacy Program, February 25. The Sheraton at Fairplex


Author Information:
Please make sure that you have provided for any of your authors:
- Head Shot
- Cover Art
- Bio
- Social Media or website information
- Specific dietary restrictions, if any.

All authors should check in with staff, before proceeding to their event.

Sales Rep Opportunities -

Rep Picks - $200 
Limited spaces, 15 minutes to speak about favorite upcoming titles. Please provide handouts before the event for collating/combining. 

Shipping Information

Program Advertising
SCIBA offers advertising opportunities for visibility during its Children's Literacy Event.Programs are provided to booksellers and all other registered attendees.The program is made available online and at the show as well.Please send all ads in .jpg or .gif format, black & white. Ad reservation and art are due September 25.Email for reservation and ad materials.

Rate Location Size

$550 members ($660 non-members)Back cover 7”W x 10” H

$375 members ($450 non-members)Inside cover, front or back 7”W x 10” H

$325 members ($390 non-members)Full page7”W x 10” H

$220 members ($265 non-members)Half page—horizontal 7”W x 5”H

$220members ($265 non-members) Half page—vertical 3 1/2”W x 10”H

$135 members ($160 non-members) Quarter page 3
1/2”W x 5”H

Hotel and Travel

Sleeping Rooms
We have arranged for a block of rooms at the Sheraton at Fairplex. Reservations should be made by January 19, 2017.

You can reserve your room via:

Airport Information
The Ontario Airport is closest. Here is  the general list of airlines that service the airport. Often you can get to the hotel in 15 minutes.
LAX is of course larger, with many more airlines. However, the travel to the hotel may be a good deal longer.


Call for Authors
Our Children's Literacy Program is attended by booksellers, teachers, and librarians. Detailed agenda will be forthcoming. We are scheduled for February 25, 2017
We are seeking:
  • Speaking slots for our very popular dinner. 15 mins, $1700, 125 books or galleys. (includes table for 8 - usually one seat for author, and one seat for sales rep or escort, then six guests. )
  • Panelists, we will select. $250, 75 books or galleys. Moderated panel, followed by signing
  • Dinner host/emcee - $700, 100 books or galleys. May speak about their title for 10 mins, and will introduce other speakers.
  • Dinner/Signing Reception Authors, $250, 75 books or galleys. Authors will be seated at each table, and will move once during the meal. Meal is preceded by a cocktail hour, where authors can circulate and meet different booksellers and educators. Signing will follow the meal.

Please submit your authors or illustrators by December 1st.



Children's Literacy Sponsor ship Opportunities

Sponsors are featured in all web and email advertising

Main Sponsor: $ 2000
Secondary Sponsor: $1000
Wine Sponsor: $1500 
Education Sponsor: $750