How does art profit a nation?

Artistic works are works that require a lot of skills and potential. This is simply because it is not a work to be taken with levity. As important as art is, it has also proven itself to be profitable for a nation. The question here is how does art profit a nation? To answer this interrogation, we will inform you on how art profits a nation.

By incarnating the history of the nation

As we all know for sure that every nation has a beginning and a growing process. All these contribute to the history of the nation. And that’s where art comes into the scene by incarnating the nations’ story. There are different stories a nation has. We have the period of slavery as a lot of nations are victims of this.
With artworks, a nation can show this aspect of the slavery period in their country. The one that is common to all nations is the period of independence. Every single nation has a short or long independent story to showcase through artworks. This is mainly done with the realization of status of valiant men and women who fought for the independence of their people.
We also have the economic history of all nations. This is so important for nations to keep records of their growth and their economic advancement. And to keep this record, artworks are the tools a nation can use. Art can also be used to dissimulate or codify a historical period that a nation doesn’t want to reveal.

By promoting the nations’ culture and tradition

One of the things that add value to a nation is how its culture and tradition are well known and practiced. We can see some countries that have more value because of the practice of their culture and tradition. Artwork also indicates a nation's culture and tradition.
We can even see some sculpted images that relate a nation's culture and tradition. In that way, art profits a nation by promoting the culture and tradition of a nation.