How do the artists profit from artworks?

One of the reasons why we work is to be able to make a profit. You have to gain in one way or another from what you do. That’s why even artists have to profit from their work of art. It’s therefore important we discover how artists profit from their work of art. In the following lines, we’ll be disc... See more

The use of sculpted image and drawing board in art

A drawing board is a plane surface or table to which paper can be fastened for drawing purposes. It’s also used to display artworks by painting or drawing. It is therefore important that we know the use of sculpted images and drawing boards. As we continue in this article, we will know the use of sc... See more

What are the benefits of artworks?

Talking of benefit means what we stand to gain from something or someone. As human beings we venture into things that we benefit from. For this reason, we are supposed to know what we stand to benefit from art. This article is for this very purpose of helping us on the benefits of artwork. Art helps... See more

How does art profit a nation?

Artistic works are works that require a lot of skills and potential. This is simply because it is not a work to be taken with levity. As important as art is, it has also proven itself to be profitable for a nation. The question here is how does art profit a nation? To answer this interrogation, we w... See more

Art: a potent historical tool

Everyone has a story to tell. Be it a family or even a country. One of the best ways of telling these stories is through art. Art is also a revelator of things that have been in a period of time. You might not know how art can be a potent historical tool. But you don’t have to worry because you will... See more